Geospatial Information System Consulting

A full-service GIS consultant serving municipal and private sector clients

NEGEO assists clients in performing GIS needs assessments, developing implementation plans for new systems or the modification, expansion and improvement of an existing system.

NEGEO provides infrastructure, software and business process analysis and planning so that implementation, expansion, distribution and maintenance efforts are of high quality, cost effective and results oriented.

Additionally, New England GeoSystems provides annual budgeting assistance, ongoing data needs monitoring, GIS project planning, and data maintenance and creation services.

Staff Expertise

NEGEO provides our full range of technical expertise to clients on a constant basis as part of planned, ongoing GIS project management. Dedicated staff are willing and able to work on-site, remotely, in the field or from our main office in Middletown, CT. Our staff are equipped to provide field data collection services ranging from asset locating to hiking trail mapping to in-field geolocated photography.

Training & On-Call Support

Our staff are available on an on-call basis to assist with short turnaround projects, provide immediate technical support and on-site consulting when necessary.

We provide custom training to clients in the areas of GIS best practices and data maintenance as well as training in the use of any custom developed applications and workflows.

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