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Consisting of MapXpress Portal and Map, this public facing geospatial solution is aimed at bringing the municipal assessor’s office to the public 24 hours per day 365 days a week.

MapXpress Portal

MapXpress Portal is a fast and easy way to access the most requested property information sources without having to open and explore the full GIS map. Users like real estate agents and homeowners can search for the property of interest and download a current property card, quick property map, and a town wide zoning map in the time it takes most map applications to even open.

Portal also presents a customizable map gallery and a GIS data download page, as well as access to a new power advanced search tool allowing for searches based on sales date, property values, acres, land use, and other property information.

  • Easy to use
  • Fast
  • Detailed
  • Expandable
  • Comprehensive
  • Low cost


Quick Search

Direct Access to Property Information

MAPXRESS PORTAL Quick Search gives direct access to property details, current assessment cards, Quick Maps, full assessor’s tax map, and if that is not enough, users can click to view the property within the full GIS application. For more powerful searching, use the Advanced Search tool.

Property Information

Comprehensive CAMA Integration

Presenting current property and sales information is very important as a wide range of people rely on this service. MapXpress features a deep integration with all major CAMA (Computer Aided Mass Appraisal) systems. MapXpress can communicate with a municipalities’ local or cloud based CAMA on a nightly basis and synchronize owner information, sales dates, valuations and other critical property information.

MapXpress is one of the only online systems which offer a on demand detailed multi page/multi building property information card in PDF format for printing and downloading. These property cards are developed on the fly and reflect the same information one would get by visiting the local town or city hall.

The property cards are customizable and can also feature non-CAMA property data such as school district, polling location, location in flood zone, and any other spatially related information.

Data Download & Map Gallery

Maps & Data in One Place

The Map Gallery sections allow relevant static PDF maps to be accessible to the public in one place avoiding unnecessary searching through the municipality’s web site for popularly requested maps such as zoning, land use, flood hazards.

The Data Download section make often requested GIS data layers available to the public, regional and state government personal thus removing the time-consuming process of responding to requests for GIS information, which have been on the rise the past few years, especially for parcel data

Advanced Search

Search & Filter based on multiple criteria

The new Advanced Search tool allows a user to search the complete property information database (CAMA) using a wide range of criteria. The results of this search, allow access to the same products as the portal – property card, quick maps and direct map access as well as the ability to export the entire search results table to a formatted text file for easy use in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or other database software.


ESRI Technology

ArcGIS Online / Server Map Services

MAPXRESS MAP utilizes hosted and managed ArcGIS online map services and/or a local municipalities’ ArcGIS Server map server to present mapping data to the public and municipal staff. Built using ESRI’s JavaScript map API, MapXpress is capable of accessing hundreds of local, private, state and federal map services and is equally capable of making map services of local data available to other applications such as web enabled permit management and E911 public safety software which have ERSI ArcGIS Server capabilities

MapXpress is a full featured public municipal map & property information application.

Public Notification

Mailing Lists, Abutters Lists and Maps to Go

MapXpress is the perfect tool for saving time and effort in developing public notification lists, including abutters lists, mailing labels, excel and text exports and associated maps. Because MapXpress is regularly synchronized with each municipalities property information database, the information can be expected to be up to date and accurate.

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Your Data the Way You Want It

MapXpress allows for almost limitless customizations of your data with no reasonable limit as to the number of layers, number of aerial photo layers and numerous ESRI & open source base maps. Symbology is designed through ArcMap/ ArcGIS Pro so the look and feel of the maps can be tailored to best reflect your data.

Dynamic legends, multiple prints sizes and custom map tips further the ability for MapXpress to do what is needed while looking the way you want.

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Map Xtras

The MapXpress Difference

Besides the solid behind data connections and accessible map services, MapXpress includes extra features which users’ productivity while using the product. For even more functionality and productivity tools, please have a look at MapXpress Advanced.

Some of the Xtra tools within MapXpress include the following:

  • Integration with Microsoft Street View
  • Flexible Measuring Tools
  • Multi-Select and Export
  • In-Map Search
  • Condominium Tool
  • Intelligent mismatch support
  • Open Street Map Base Map Option
  • Live FEMA Map Service Integration

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