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Keys to a Successful Geospatial Information System

Creation: Creation of high-quality data and systems
Maintenance: Frequent & knowledgeable maintenance of data and systems
Visibility: Make the products and services of your data and systems highly visible
Distribution: Get data, applications and products into the hands of the decision makers

  • Geospatial Information System Consulting

    New England GeoSystems is a full-service GIS consultant serving municipal and private sector clients.

  • Web Development and Hosting Solutions

    NEGEO develops custom web-based systems solving unique business geospatial information needs. We look towards a well-designed combination of spatial and non-spatial in providing the best solution.

  • Spatial Data Creation and Maintenance

    NEGEO specializes in spatial and non-spatial data development, improvement and maintenance.

Intelligent Geospatial Solutions

NEGEO looks beyond traditional standalone GIS applications and searches for ways to bring together seemingly disconnected information systems so that better informed decisions can be made quickly, made anywhere and by those who need to.

A Collection of Municipal Geospatial Applications Created, Designed and Supported by New England GeoSystems

MapXpress Public

Consisting of MapXpress Portal and Map, this public facing geospatial solution is aimed at bringing the municipal assessor’s office to the public 24 hours per day 365 days a week. Compatible with all major CAMA systems, MapXpress allows a municipality to allow residents and staff to retrieve near real time information as if they were standing at the assessor’s counter. MapXpress is based on ESRI’s web-based JavaScript development platform.

MapXpress Advanced

This high-powered web-based GIS application is directed at municipal staff who need more data, more tools and more analytical power than is possible with MapXpress Public. This password protected web application is based on the GeoCortex Essentials framework and is capable of extensive customization and expansion. MapXpress Advanced is often paired with MapXpress Public as both applications can utilize the same ArcGIS Server map services and CAMA data feeds.

MapXpress Collect & Inspect

MapXpress Collect & Inspect is an enhanced implementation of ESRI’s tablet-based Collector & Survey 123 products. MapXpress Collect & Inspect integrates the data collected in the field directly with the municipality’s enterprise GIS environment. Access the newly collected field data and asset inspection reports directly within MapXpress Advanced without having to utilize ArcGIS Online to view, export and manage the data.

MapXpress Work Order

MapXpress Work Order system is a highly customized version of MapXpress Advanced which provides a solution to work order management. The workflow begins with staff and the general public, if desired, submitting work requests through a web-based form. Supervisors then review, approve and assign these orders to relevant staff. After completion, these orders are reviewed, followed up on and closed. Email notifications and summary reports are included all while viewing these work requests on a detailed map.

Modules for public submission of general work requests as well as specialty input for streetlights are available.

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